When she saw a dark figure lurking

Could count? Defiance wasn't sure. But it would be exciting to see how it all turned out, and in the meantime she could have an buy instagram followers adventure or two with a certain arrogant demon. She smiled to herself, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. It was a shock to realize that Uriel was actually a comforting presence at her side. For the first time in her life, the unknown didn't seem so frightening anymore, and whether that had anything to do with her buy instagram followers companion she neither knew, nor cared.   Part Two: The Harbinger   There are fewer candidates this year, Sister buy instagram followers Elizabeth lamented. There are fewer candidates every year. Sister Eunice gazed up at Father Judas from beneath her lashes. They are a dying breed, dear, she reminded him. And yet you need them for your continued survival, Father Judas said mildly, leaning his shoulder against the wall and choosing to gaze out the adjacent window rather than focus on the council of church folk that had answered his summons that evening. They were stationed in the High Church, and he stared down upon the city with a jaundiced eye. The humans below were hurrying through the streets, trying to get home before the sun fully set. Their fear tasted sweet on his tongue, and he eyed them each closely, wondering if perhaps a Potential was living amongst them. Hiding beneath their collective noses. Demons had always found it distasteful to live within human hosts, deprived of their own skin and power, but it had been the only way to win the war. If a human was willing to be possessed, their soul would survive a demonic occupation. Since it went against an angel's nature instagram to harm souls, the Heavenly Host had been rendered powerless against the swarm of demon-possessed humans. It had been surprisingly simple to convince the majority of humans to cooperate. During the Great War it had only been necessary to point at the boiling oceans, the plagues, the deaths, the war, the fear, and say: 'Do you see? Do instagram you see how your God has abandoned you? There can be an end to http://oneeyedeer.com/ this if only you would submit.' And so they had. The angels had become overwhelmed, the humans having no qualms with destroying the heavenly warriors. The war had ended, and the demons had been taking human hosts ever since. But humans had a tendency to die, their lifespans not even adding up to a fourth of a demon's. Building the churches, making the worship of demon kind the new norm, helped create the mindset necessary for a successful possession. The problem was that not every human had the capacity to be a host, and every year there were fewer and fewer Potentials being born. Which meant fewer and fewer demons able to walk the earth. The archangels had sensed their weakening ranks, and their familiars, the gargoyles, had been dispatched to do what they could not. To hunt down and destroy those giving refuge to a demonic entity. Some demons tried to force a possession, tried to merge with a human soul that wasn't willing. The results had been...disastrous. Even now there were demons who tried to possess the dead, an attempt that usually left them with a craving for blood buy instagram followers and an allergy to sunlight. An interesting turn of events when you considered the fact that the gargoyles could only hunt when the sun was down, and God was no longer watching them destroy the very humans they'd been trained to protect. Father Judas sighed heavily. He could feel